A couple of months ago I participated in a talk of the Xarxa de Dones Emprendedores de Sant Cugat and one of the slides was about Branding.

  • Identify 3 attributes or keywords for your brand. Is it sophisticated? Close? Professional? Female?
  • Create a brandboard for your brand: a style guide at the visual level, usually includes: logo, alternative logos, typography, color palettes, patterns, inspirationimages, etc.
  • Homogenize your brand image: all your brand properties (networks, web, publications) must use defined branding
  • Synchronize your branding with your social media strategy
  • Live your brand and bring branding to every blueprint of your life. Your brand is you. Use accessories and stationery with your brand colors, dress up in your colors. This way you’ll find it easier to take the photos.

And you? Do you live your brand?