We are a boutique agency of Social Media and SEO specialized in Childcare, Children’s Fashion and Family Products. We have been parents for 17 years and have been working online exclusively for 15 years. We help you grow!


We have been working with childcare since the birth of Paraelbebe.com (in 2006) and in online marketing even before (2003-2004) so we are experts in both areas and not separately but from analysis and practice we have decided to orient ourselves to this sector that we Love.


We have always considered our work as a social work, we are obliged to make childcare and children’s fashion companies to the top of the internet.


To be the reference agency in Spain in online marketing for childcare and children’s fashion. Our vision implies that every company or entrepreneur who wants to launch a children’s fashion or childcare project thinks of GIPANDE for the online strategy.

More engagement

Create a community around your brand and share with it the messages that interest you most to stay with you, interact with each other and end up buying and repeating.


Create an online store and use this channel to increase your billing and retain customers. Online stores allow you to break down geographical barriers and reach other people who once seemed impossible.

Premium support

If there is one thing that clients cannot complain about, it is from communicating with the GIPANDE team. Whatsapp, SMS, e-mail, Trello, Asana, Planoly and many other collaborative tools to stay in touch.


Tell us what you need for your project: an online store, SEO, Social Media Strategy. Whatever you need in the digital multiverse we can help you!
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Nuestras clientas no tienen empresas en el IBEX35, pero son iguales que tú: emprendedoras y con ganas de crecer


I thought I’d put something ingenious around here, but the truth is that we all put the same thing: “We’re the best online marketing agency for your clothing brand”, “No one can ride you social media like us”, “Doing SEO with Gipande guarantees you success”, so I’ll just tell you q we work hard, we have a lot of experience and we love our work. Need more?
The small great team you need to launch your business online: from photographs for your ecommerce, to rebranding or a social media strategy, to organic positioning or ads in networks and search. 360o in Digital!